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Monster Trainer Experience

dragon_eye_ black and white IEatTahmKenc

So it is time to let the monster, the true you, free, is it?   

Inside of you is a monster, your true self.  The self you have caged and trapped in the depths of you. The monster that you have been told is too much for this world.  You are terrified and intrigued at the same time. You feel it clawing inside of you, killing you from the inside. It is time to let it out.  But first, you need to be trained.  Trained to let this monster, this true you out. You need to unlearn everything you have been taught until now.  This isn't some gentle loving spiritual training.  This is breaking apart the cage you have kept your true you trapped in so you can come out to play instead of as the distorted monster you have come to know 

Are you ready?

Click the eye of the monster to apply


IEatTahmKench on DeviantArt
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