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Revolutionizing Relationships
Marinda Leads a revolution to create empowered an authentic relationships.
The establishment way of relationship was attachment and co-dependency and people pleasing is no more.


Her insatiable curiosity 

Her irreverent and rouge nature 

Her personal commitment to not settle  

Her spiritual connection.

her personal journey.

her direct and rapid fire delivery.

Marinda brings a new way to experience relationship







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Marinda brings 18 years of medical practice, shamanic practice study, and years of intense personal development in addition to her own story of toxic relationships, self love, personal power, and now, her own love story.

As she activates your 'miraculous' relationship transformations


"There are so many amazing people out there, walking around all dimmed and tamed - so boring.  I fucking love seeing people step into their fullest expression!!"

"You may have done all of the personal work in the world in your room, by yourself - but... any thing you haven't done - will show up in relationship.  The ultimate test. "

An 'Authenticity' Coach for 7 years, Marinda realized that the message of authenticity is often to choose one stable version of yourself.  It is asking us to reject facets, aspects and components of ourselves.  


'Un-authenticity' embraces all of our 'sides.' It is showing up as we choose in each moment.  It sees our ability to 'shape-shift' and adjust as a gift. so often we use it as a coping mechanism or see it as our weakness.

Marinda is able to 'see' below your symptoms and get directly to the source, instead of treating, what you may think are individual concerns. These are profound transformations quickly.


She illuminates and strikes at old stories, paradigms, conditioning, and attachments.  Bringing truth to unbolt and liberate you from the cage that you have been experiencing this life from with in.

This "un-authenticity" principle, Marinda's spiritual/intuitive/seer gifts and teachings, and revolutionized relationships are

brought together in these offerings.

This is experience is real and raw, not abandoning your current tension , but staying with it and releasing it - crying, screaming, tantrums are a part of the experience. Then - just as real, feel the effervescent pleasure, devotion, delight and the effortless joy of your authentic and fully empowered  relationship.  

Testimonials - 


“I knew you were crazy enough to do it. Bwhahaha!!!”

“I knew my purpose was big, that it was huge. I was going to need someone to kick my ass. I knew you would rise me into my purpose."

"I needed someone that wasn’t going to judge or be jealous or afraid."

"I could see your gifts were powerful, and I also knew that you knew when to quietly hold space, or laugh, or cheer for me.”

“The current situation with my relationships needed to be handled first, but I knew that was just the beginning.”

“Now, I know that I get to have fun in my relationships, not just needing from a relationship.”

“I was completely caged with fear and worry, then… it just… disintegrated.”

“It is safe now to be ALL of me.” “I became my safe space, then this joyful child like self emerged.”

“I went from needing a guide, to knowing I am my guide.”

“I am now so in my power, I don’t care what anyone thinks. I know that I can bring anything into being. It has already happened and is happening!”

She started working with me, ready to leave her narcissistic husband of 15 years with nothing but her children. Her son had run away and wanted nothing to do with her.

Now, she and her ex were able to agree and submit a settlement without court for her full half. Her new relationship with her son is better than ever.

But the biggest relationship shift, she said, was with herself. No more rejecting herself. “No more hiding, afraid my power will hurt people, or that I am so powerful people will be mad at me or not love me.”

She claimed her full value, realized she is her safe space, and now trusts herself completely.

She is right, her purpose is freaking huge! To bring native peoples out of their victimhood and back into their spiritual connection and warrior strength. And… she has risen to it - confident and sure, poised and graceful, with childlike enthusiasm, and a potent and just a bit dangerous warrior’s edge.

It took someone crazy enough to kick her ass, to liberate her from her cage, and to raise her into the powerful being she is.

~After a total of over $50,000 in programs, webinars, sessions, and coaching over 10 years E.K. knew it was time to work with Marinda.  The Monster Trainer package was 8 sessions and 1 intensive "Un-Authenticity" package.  She had a 90% reduction in searching for and feeling she needed other people to give her the answers.  She knew she had the answers with in. Her toxic relationship with her mother was impacting her world and her businesses, after a contact she would lose hours trying to re-center. The time lost was gone and the impact was even 50% more than that reduced. 


~After 20 years of a narcissistic relationship, C.E. went through years of therapy and other providers. She still had PTSD, social anxiety, and a generalized fear that was keeping her from living her life. She knew it was time to Cross the Threshold into Liberation.  Just 3 sessions led to her social anxiety decreasing by 50%. Her PTSD and generalized fear and anxiety were reduced by 70%. After the full program, her social anxiety was reduced by 80%! She was meeting people, scheduling appointments, and even social get togethers. 

~To work with Marinda~  
'Contact us or fill out an application to
Cross the Threshold 


the illusion 

all that gets in the way and holds you back


who you truly are and what you love


the true you  



your new experience

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