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Life and relationship Coach
Un-Authenticity Coach

Sorceress (source-eress)


Weaving together ancient shamanic and spiritual practices with Harvard based research and even newer more potent techniques for striking at the source of what is keep you stuck in your current toxic authoritative relationship. Helping you navigate your way out.  Breaking the cycle so it doesn't happen again. Navigating from the intense tension and pressure to feeling Liberated and cherished. 


Having worked for 18 years in the medical field, Marinda has a unique perspectives of the pressure of toxic relationships both at home and in the medical environment

An 'Authenticity' Coach for 7 years, Marinda realized that the message of authenticity is often to choose one stable version of yourself.  It is asking us to reject aspects and components of ourselves.  'Un-authenticity' embraces all of our 'sides.' It is showing up as we choose in each moment.  It sees our ability to 'shape-shift' and adjust as a gift; so often we use it as a coping mechanism or see it as our weakness.

Marinda is able to 'see' below your symptoms and get directly to the source, instead of treating, what you may think are individual concerns. These are big transformations quickly.


She illuminates and strikes at old stories, paradigms, conditioning, and attachments.  Bringing truth to unbolt and liberate you from the cage that you have been experiencing this life from with in.

This "un-authenticity" principle, Marinda's spiritual/intuitive/seer gifts, and navigating relationships are brought together in these offerings.

This is experience is real and raw, not abandoning your current tension and frustration, but staying with it and releasing it - crying, screaming, tantrums are a part of the experience. Then - just as real, feel the effervescent glee and the effortless joy of a healthy cherished relationship.  

Testimonials - 
~After a total of over $50,000 in programs, webinars, sessions, and coaching over 10 years E.K. knew it was time to work with Marinda.  The Monster Trainer package was 8 sessions and 1 intensive "Un-Authenticity" package.  She had a 90% reduction in searching for and feeling she needed other people to give her the answers.  She knew she had the answers with in. Her toxic relationship with her mother was impacting her world and her businesses, after a contact she would lose hours trying to re-center. The time lost was gone and the impact was even 50% more than that reduced. 


~After 20 years of a narcissistic relationship, C.E. went through years of therapy and other providers. She still had PTSD, social anxiety, and a generalized fear that was keeping her from living her life. She knew it was time to Cross the Threshold into Liberation.  Just 3 sessions led to her social anxiety decreasing by 50%. Her PTSD and generalized fear and anxiety were reduced by 70%. After the full program, her social anxiety was reduced by 80%! She was meeting people, scheduling appointments, and even social get togethers. 

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