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Foundations of an Empowered
Authentic Relationship

Revolutionizing RelationshipsMarinda Leads a revolution to create empowered an authentic relationships.The establishment way of relationship was attachment and co-dependency and people pleasing is no more.

Create and experience the deep connection you dreamed of, but never thought possible

~You know you make your dreams come true.

~You are the rebel that left normal a long f*cking time ago.

~You will no longer shrink, dim, slow down or compromise any part of the powerful being you have become.

~You require a partner that, not only supports, but encourages your continued expansion and growth.




You will learn ~

~Tangible principles required to create the Empowered and Authentic relationship you desire

~New ways of experiencing relationship where you are cherished, loved, respected and revered for who YOU are.

~Why it is required that you bring your most confident and powerful self to relationship.

~To develop deep connection where you feel seen and heard.


After coaching on confidence and authenticity for 8 years, I realized that the primary place people shift and adjust to people please is in their close relationships. After many toxic relationships, I researched, downloaded(from ancient wisdom) and discovered the true way of experiencing relationship. Realizing many were looking for the liberated and devoted deep connection of the incredible relationship I now experience, I began teaching and coaching on relationship. This work has created "miraculous" transformations for my clients (their word not mine).




 6 recorded sessions

(over 3 hours of intense content)

Start creating a new foundation to

build the relationship you desire 

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