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Uncage your inner dragon


 Elite Thunder of Dragons

It wasn't death I desired, it was Liberation

You have seen your dragon, what on earth makes you think you are normal. 

Normal and fitting in is what is killing you slowly.  You keep your dragon hidden in a cage deep in the dark recesses of the dungeon.  Thinking it is only part of you.  That is the illusion.  The illusion is a lie.

Truth is - you ARE the dragon. You are a shape shifter, here in human form, but you have seen through your dragon eyes and flown with your dragon wings.  You shake it off, coming back from your vision, put on your professional suit and go slay in your business.  

But you hear it's wings move  as you walk into the board room, looking around to see if any one else heard it, you decide to believe it was just the chair, but you know better, it was YOUR wing. 

The love and light coaches aren't for you and you know it.  You keep trying because well... hahah you are supposed to spend 10% on personal development, they say... and you haven't found anything else lol.  Stop your search. Here it is. 

Training you to liberate the monster, the giant, the genius, the magic one, the unimaginable being you actually are.
You can't hide. I see YOU.

~6 weeks Thunder of Dragons Gathering with Master Monster Trainer Sorceress Marinda
~3 individual sessions with master monster trainer Sorceress Marinda


Marinda Coaching


Las Cruces, NM

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