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Precise, rapid clarity

for your next steps

 When one piece of clarity is all you need to move forward confidently. 


This is the Call required prior to Sphere.

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Are you feeling stuck and desire clarity to move forward? 

Schedule a Clarity Call with Marinda.  

Often one piece of clarity is the answers you need to move forward confidently.

Let’s find that piece together.

If you are wanting to work at an even deeper level, you will end the call with the clarity to know if you are a good fit to work with Marinda further* and where to begin. 


Once you request to book this call,

Check your email. a questionnaire will be coming your way. This information will provide Marinda an advanced starting place for your call.

It is required that this is filled out and submitted prior to your Clarity call.

Bring a journal or have your favorite note taking device ready.  

An abundance of potent information comes rapidly during these calls. 

*If an offer is made to work at a deeper level with Marinda, this fee will be applied to the total invoice.  

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