You desire



With yourself, with your ancestors, with your loved ones and with THE most loved one -  your intimate partner

The Deep Connection Experience with Marinda


Deep Inside a Volcano

Instead of looking for Deep connection in some Masterclass or YouTube video, join me Deep in the crater of a Volcano.

We will connect with the energy of the Volcano to blast through old beliefs, stories and blocks - to flow into a new foundation of understanding to develop Deep connection with ourselves, our ancestors, the elements, those around us and yes, our intimate and Romantic partners.


Marinda is a Relationship Coach / Spiritual Teacher/  Shamanic Practitioner/ Authenticity and Empowerment Coach that has has studied with some of the foremost spiritual teachers in the world including Don Miguel Ruiz (The 4 Agreements) and his sons, Sandra Ingerman, and Dr Steven Farmer.


She has led these transformative experiences in Colorado for 8 years and now, brings them to New Mexico. 


The Deep Connection Experience

This will be a full day of interactive energy work, chanelling, shamanic journeying/ visioning, teaching and deep connection.

This is not for those of you looking for a lovely spiritual experience in the desert, this is real and raw and torn open to get deep inside. 


It is a 1 mile  hike into the crater. 


The financial exchange for this deep experience is $250 to register