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RN's only.
Burned out. Stressed out.
Quitting?! Staying?!


This will be a life changing experience!!! For your work/career, for your family and relationships, for your entire life. The frenzy and murky and hazy will take form. The cycles you are wanting to get out of but have no idea how - shifted. The feeling defeated and exhausted - evaporate. The 'what do I even love?' and 'who even am I?' questions answered.

This isn't your normal zenned out take an hour bath each day type class. This is real and raw. "Woah, I can actually use this shit!" This will actually change your life.

-Liberation from pressure and stress for real
-Have more energy at home. Not come home exhausted and defeated after every shit.
-Calm the frenzy
-Own all of your skills and abilities
-Enjoy your job more or be ready to leave
-Clarity on your next steps - leaving or staying
-Take back your identity
-Help and support navigating through this transformation


4 month program - each month:
- 1 group session - Marinda Nelson teaching and group discussions
- 1 group q & a and apply it to the real world session
- 1 individual session - individual coaching, clarity for YOU, could include: chakra readings, energy work, meet guides
-Facebook group for questions and support

Option to add in person intensive at The Raven Room - an Alternative Wellness Studio. ($400)

I guarantee, if you do what I say during this experience, this will give you YOUR life back.

Application only!


Be an Registered Nurse

Open mind

Ready to make big shifts in your life

Ready to take control of your life back

Ready to invest 4 months of time

Ready to participate in group and individual sessions

Application or invite only - Have your application accepted

Ready to make financial investment of $2000 (paid in full or $1000 deposit and 3 payments of $400)

Apply to Cross the Threshold