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I Create Legends

Becoming a legend will require you to UNCAGE the hidden monstrous parts of you.

Be willing to risk every relationship you have and create new Foundations of Empowered and Authentic Relationships

Become irreverent to every belief and idea - holding nothing sacred, but you in UNHoly - Irreverent Expression

Then, it is time for individual legendary sessions with Marinda.

Book A Clarity Call to clarify your vision or apply for individual coaching packages.


I created legends out of doctors, international writers, designers, real estate agents, and spiritual leaders.  Are you next?

~To work with Marinda~  
'Contact us'
to request an application to
Cross the Threshold 

The $20,000 Clarity Call

The $100,000 call

You know what you are doing. 

You know how to make shit happen. 

Yet, you are spinning on this one thing. 

There is Something you just aren't seeing. 

You know it is 1 sentence, or 1 question that will launch this next phase.


You simply want some one to tell it to you straight. 

I see it clearly

I deliver it to you directly, rapidly and bluntly.

You can deliberate and agonize over it for another week or year or decade.


you can know clearly what your next steps to $100,000 (or $100k value) are.

I guarantee with in 3 months after this call,

you create $100,000 (or value) 

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